What lifestyle to follow to maintain a good men’s health?

What lifestyle to follow to maintain a good men’s health?

There are certain lifestyle changes with which men can now lead a healthier and longer life by preventing various heart diseases, cancer, chronic lower respiratory issues, stroke, unintentional injuries etc. By looking at the common killers and making necessary changes in life one can significantly lower the risk and prevent any health problems. 

The following are the various changes which men should consider:

Do not smoke: If a person is addicted to smoking, they need to take doctors help to quit. Always stay away from air pollution, second hand smoke and chemicals at workplace.

Healthy diet: Make sure to include fruits, vegetables, lean protein foods like fish, high fiber foods etc. The lime foods contain high saturated fats and sodium.

Balance healthy weight: Always maintain a healthy weight. When one loses excess pounds, they might be having a higher risk of heart diseases and cancer types.

Get moving: Do proper exercise every day to have proper weight management, reduce the risk of stroke and heart diseases. One can also go for various activities which he or she enjoys like basketball, tennis or just a brisk walk. All these physical activities can benefit health.

Limiting alcohol: If a person is unable to stop or prevent drinking and they can slowly moderate it. If men are around 65 years old, they can go for 2 drinks a day and if they are above 65 years old, they can make it just to 1 drink a day. When intake of alcohol is high, they are at higher risk of developing various cancer types like liver cancer in those who take alcohol regularly. It can also raise blood pressure.

Manage stress: Severe stress levels will definitely play a great impact on one’s lifestyle habits and immune system as well. Always take necessary steps to reduce stress levels and try to stay calm and healthy life by following yoga and meditation.

Don’t avoid doctor: Always have regular checkups with concerned doctor. Do not wait until the situation gets serious to visit the doctor. Doctor will always help you prevent various health problems from developing. Always follow the doctor’s treatment recommendations and instructions if there are any health problems that a person is facing. Whenever a person is having high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes one needs to be very careful and take proper care. Also follow cancer screenings, immunization and various health evaluations as suggested by the doctor.What more can put one at risk? Road accidents are another common cause of death and health issues in men. So be safe on roads and follow the mandatory rules on road like wearing seat belt etc. Also follow the speed limit specified in particular areas. Never drive while one is alcohol influenced and while feeling sleepy. Depression is another serious factor which has to be considered in men for suicidal cases in them. Whenever there are signs and symptoms of depression always consult a doctor and try to get the treatment done at the earliest.