7 Digital Resources to Keep You Up-To-Date on the Latest News

Whether you’re a morning person or prefer to get your news later in the day, there are several tools that can help you stay up-to-date on the latest events. From email newsletters to apps, these seven digital resources can help you keep tabs on the world around you.

NBC News Daily Podcast

This podcast is perfect for those who prefer to hear the latest breaking news and important issues in a quick 10 or 15-minute runtime, as the program runs as early as 6:00 a.m. EST, and offers an overview of recent events with commentary on each story.

The New York Daily News is a newspaper published in New York City and is the largest circulation newspaper in the United States. The paper was founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson and is a subsidiary of the Tribune Company.

It was once one of the most popular newspapers in the United States, and it attracted readers with sensational coverage of crime, scandal, and violence. It also included lurid photographs and comics, as well as celebrity gossip and classified ads.

Throughout its history, the Daily News has been a leading publisher of news. In 1929 it was the first newspaper in America to publish wire photos, a technology that is still widely used by newspapers.

Cheat Sheet

The Daily Beast’s Cheat Sheet is delivered to your inbox on weekday mornings and afternoons. It sifts through the best headlines from the top newspapers, giving you a summary and photo of each article. If you want to dive deeper into the original articles, click on the links to go directly to them.


This free app, designed to send notifications based on your preferences, combines trending news stories, what your colleagues are reading, and trending topics within your industry. It’s ideal for busy professionals and those with a wide range of interests, including politics, business, entertainment, sports, health and wellness, and culture.

Need 2 Know

Similar to theSkimm, Need2Know sifts through all the latest news from politics to pop culture into short and sweet summaries, with a touch of humor to make your morning more fun.

It also includes a clever “What to Say When…” section that skews of-the-moment information into entertaining new narratives. The team even chooses a funny relevant tweet to tack onto every e-newsletter, making it feel like you’re getting a bit of infotainment from your smart and sassy co-worker before the workday begins.

If you don’t have time to read the newspaper, The Daily Beast’s newsletter is a great way to get a brief and thorough overview of today’s biggest news stories. Its curated selection of the most interesting headlines includes the best from The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Associated Press, and Reuters.

The Cheat Sheet, another newsletter from The Daily Beast, sifts through the top news from the day’s most reputable sources and distills them into a brief, easy-to-read email. Each article is accompanied by a brief quote call-out, video clips, Wikipedia excerpts, and relevant maps, making it easier to find and follow the stories you care about most.