Coconino County Vacation Rental Owners Association

If you are considering renting out your vacation home in Coconino County, you should know that there is an association for this. The association helps owners maintain their vacation properties. For more information, visit the Coconino County Website. In addition, if you have a vacation rental home in a residential neighborhood, you should contact Community Development. However, it is important to note that the Vacation Rental Ordinance does not abrogate CC&Rs or private easements. Enforcement of these restrictions is the responsibility of the property owners.

Yavapai County Vacation Rental Owners Association

As a property owner, you are likely familiar with the requirements for registering as a vacation rental owner. The association is a resource and advocate for the short-term rental industry in Arizona. By registering with the association, you agree to abide by the policies and procedures of this Association. You should register with the Arizona Department of Revenue, register your vacation rentals with the government, pay any applicable taxes, and collect all necessary fees.

In the state of Arizona, you need a license to rent out your property, and the city’s zoning laws govern whether you can rent out your property. While the state allows short-term rentals, many cities, towns, and counties have imposed regulations to protect property owners. In Yavapai County, for example, zoning restrictions prohibit short-term rentals in residential districts. Thankfully, a recent ruling by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has backed zoning laws and paved the way for a new industry.