Daily News Podcasts

The avalanche of daily news can be overwhelming. With the help of news podcasts, however, keeping up with the latest stories is easier than ever. Daily news podcasts offer a quick and convenient way to stay current on political developments, international affairs, science, culture, and more. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive breakdown of the day’s most important headlines or just need a brief summary of major events, these podcasts are perfect for a variety of audiences.

The most popular daily news podcasts are the New York Times and NPR. These programs are known for their in-depth reporting and engaging storytelling, making them a great choice for both news enthusiasts and those who don’t follow the news as closely. Other notable podcasts include Up First from ABC News and The Indicator from Planet Money.

If you’re looking for a more straightforward and content-focused news podcast, then The Brief from Time Magazine is a good option. The brief podcast features straight-up narrations of one of the publication’s articles each day, and although it is US-centric, it covers a wide range of topics from around the world. MSNBC’s Morning Joe podcast is another great choice for those who prefer lively debate and discussion on current events. Its hosts often discuss political candidates, polls, and senate debates, and special guests from reporters to influencers offer their own views on the news of the day.

Vox’s Daily Explainer is a great choice for listeners who want to understand the complex and multifaceted issues behind the news of the day. Each episode covers a number of different topics in about 12 minutes, making it easy for busy people to keep up with the latest developments. Some of the episodes cover topics such as how to spot a deepfake, why animals sometimes reproduce asexually, and what the recent sexual misconduct allegations against Kevin Spacey mean for his career.

In the early 21st century, the digital era saw all print newspapers face serious competition from online media outlets. As the internet became a dominant force in news, many of the older print publications struggled to retain their readership and revenue streams. The Daily News was no exception, and by 1993 it had come close to bankruptcy. In an attempt to reclaim its place among the city’s most reputable news sources, publisher Mort Zuckerman made several big changes.

Among those changes, he hired a staff of young journalists with a strong social-media presence and repositioned the paper as a “serious tabloid.” This new focus was reflected on the front page, which featured a picture of Ruth Snyder mid-electrocution with the headline, “DEAD!” This iconic image would become the newspaper’s most famous headline.