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Daily news is a periodical publication containing current events and analysis of major national and international issues. Typically, daily newspapers focus on politics, business, sports and culture. Most daily news sources are unbiased and objective, but some have political or ideological agendas. The AllSides Media Bias Rating for Daily New York Times is Left, which indicates that the newspaper leans toward liberal or progressive thought and policy.

Founded in 1919, the New York Daily News was one of the first tabloids in the United States and attracted readers with sensational coverage of crime, scandal and violence and lurid photographs. It also offered entertainment features and cartoons. The newspaper was a major rival of the much more staid New York Post. The New York Daily News was a pioneer in the use of photography as a way to capture dramatic images and tell stories.

Aspirants can find detailed coverage of economy related topics on this page including news on stock market, GDP growth and inflation. This page also provides updates on government initiatives aimed at boosting economic growth like Make in India, Digital India and more. Aspirants can also find news and analysis on the impact of these policies on society.

The tumult surrounding the closure of the Daily News in McKeesport, Pennsylvania is a case study of the many ways technology is changing journalism and affecting communities across the country. In Death of the Daily News, Andrew Conte offers a perceptive and deeply reported look at this troubling trend and its societal consequences.

A revealing and intimate portrait of the people and their community, the book illuminates how a community copes with the loss of a vital source of information. It also explores how residents struggle to separate facts from rumors, and it highlights the importance of local news to democracy.

The tumult surrounding the closures of several large-city daily newspapers in 2022 is a case study of the way that technology is changing journalism and affecting communities across America. In this highly-acclaimed book, Andrew Conte offers a perceptive, and deeply reported look at this troubling trend, which he explores in the context of his own home town in southwestern Pennsylvania. He offers a lucid and insightful account that is both heartfelt and uplifting, even as he sounds the alarm about the growing phenomenon of news deserts.