Eyewitness News: What Makes Law New?

When you say law new, it’s referring to an official, written rule created by a legislative body such as Congress. These rules are often called statutes and can be Public Laws or Acts. When a law is passed, it becomes effective on a certain date and sets the legal precedent for those who follow it. New laws are proposed, debated, and voted on before they become effective. They are typically introduced as bills, which are numbered according to their order of introduction in each Congress (for example, H.R. 10 in the House of Representatives or S. 42 in the Senate).

In 2024, several new laws went into effect in New York. Among them was “Matthew’s Law,” which helps decrease the chances of an accidental fentanyl drug overdose by allowing local pharmacies to give out the medication used to test for drugs like fentanyl and other drug adulterants.

Eyewitness News also reported on a bill that will make it easier for victims and survivors of crime to access the resources they need to prove their case, and another law aimed at protecting tenants from water and security issues in their apartments. To learn more about how legislation becomes a law, click the link above.