How to Survive Betrayal in Relationships


While infidelity may be the first straw for some relationships, a surprising percentage of relationships survive betrayal. Threats and contempt can also upend a relationship, as does a decrease in intimacy and positive feelings. Even being together for decades does not guarantee that a relationship will last. In fact, the divorce rate has doubled since the 1990s.

Relationships are like physical connections

Intimate relationships require an equal amount of effort and care from both partners. If the effort is only given to one party, the relationship will feel one-sided. However, if both partners put in equal effort, the bond will become stronger. If this is not the case, the relationship will not last long.

They require time alone

If you feel lonely or need to decompress after spending time with your partner, it’s important to make time for yourself. The first step is to communicate your need for alone time with your partner. If your partner is surprised by this request, try to understand his/her needs. Keeping an open mind, it’s important to remind your partner that it is an act of self-care.

Spending time alone is important for both parties. It allows each partner to focus on his/her own interests or catch up with his/her friends. In addition, it helps them become comfortable spending time alone. Trying to wait until your partner asks for time apart is not healthy for either of you.

They require compromise

Compromising is the key to healthy relationships. It helps couples create a balance by letting each partner express their opinion and taking an active part in the problem-solving process. However, this doesn’t mean giving up core values. Instead, healthy compromise is about finding new paths together to satisfy each other’s desires and needs in unexpected ways.

Compromise is not an easy thing to do. For some, it can feel like losing control. Others might fear that their partner is taking advantage of them. Whatever the reason for your hesitation, you must understand that compromise is a necessary part of any relationship.

They require forgiveness

Forgiveness is important in relationships. However, it can be difficult to give it. People often fear that letting go of anger and hostility will make them vulnerable to further abuse. Forgiving someone does not mean accepting the offense, but rather it means acknowledging your feelings and releasing them. It is important to recognize when forgiveness is due and how you can show it to your partner.

Forgiveness allows for a fresh start. Not forgiving can poison your future and destroy a loving relationship. Real love demands forgiveness for both parties. Recrimination, endless judgmentalism, and seeking revenge all sabotage the future of a relationship.