Law New in the 21st Century

Law firm mergers have long been seen as a way to cut costs and provide more efficient services. Now, these deals are also an opportunity to unleash the potential of legal teams and rethink how they can serve clients. The most successful law firms are focusing on the value of their talent rather than how much they can squeeze from their bottom line. This shift has led to a new focus on the need for a robust strategy that enables legal teams to meet clients’ ever-changing expectations and capture emerging opportunities.

Law New

A re-imagining of how legal work is done in the 21st century will result in a more holistically diverse law firm workforce – cognitively, demographically, culturally and experientially. This multidisciplinary team will be more creative, tech and data proficient, and empathetic. It will deliver accessible, affordable, on-demand and scalable legal products and services that move at the speed of business and society.

It is important to note that the articles in this section are not intended to offer legal advice, guidance on litigation or commentary on any pending case or legislation. For that, please consult your lawyer.

Term of the Day

A court order that directs a person to appear in a specific case or to answer questions pertaining to that matter. Also known as a subpoena or capias mittimus.

a legal document that authorizes a law enforcement officer or other person to search a specific place, seize or detain property, or enter certain buildings. Usually accompanied by a notice of the lawful purpose for searching and seizure. Frequently used in connection with immigration matters and criminal cases.

The process by which a bill becomes a law. A lawmaker will sponsor a bill and introduce it into either the House of Representatives or the Senate. The bill will then go through the process of being researched, discussed, modified and voted on. Once a bill has passed both bodies of Congress, it will become a law.

In addition to the statutory definition of “sex offender,” there are several other definitions in Massachusetts law that may be relevant in a particular case. These include:

Local Law No. 13 of 2022

A bill that would require City agencies to provide information regarding federal and State student loan forgiveness programs to their employees and job applicants. The bill would also require City agencies to make information about these programs available to third-party service providers.

The loss of partner-level positions at major New York firms, including Squire Patton Boggs, Sidley Austin and Hogan Lovells, has put pressure on many to boost their recruiting efforts and rethink how they structure their legal departments. Some have turned to alternative fee arrangements and other cost-saving techniques, while others are attempting to create greater efficiency through technology and automation. Still, most lawyers say they want to keep their clients happy and serve the public interest. The most successful firms will continue to develop a strategic approach that integrates technology and other operational changes with the goals of improving client service and meeting future demands.