New Laws Affecting Vacation Rentals

Coconino County Vacation Rental Owners Association

The Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance governing the use of vacation rental property on the County’s website. The ordinance, which can be reviewed on the County website under Community Development, is not effective until November 19, 2015. Residents renting out their properties must contact Community Development if they have concerns. The ordinance does not abrogate CC&Rs or private easements. It is the responsibility of property owners to enforce the provisions of these agreements.


If you’re considering renting your home out for a vacation, you should read up on the new laws affecting vacation rentals. These laws are meant to protect the rights of both renters and property owners. As a renter, you should be aware of what these laws require, and make sure you are following them.

First, you should know that Arizona law prohibits cities from prohibiting short-term rentals. This legislation is a win-win situation for the vacation rental industry, as it ensures a level playing field for both the renter and the property owner. However, the law isn’t perfect, and there are some flaws. While Arizona doesn’t currently have a statewide ban, some cities have begun passing laws to protect property owners.

Additionally, Arizona lawmakers are trying to make sure vacation rental owners pay their fair share of property taxes. A bill called SB 1490 has been approved by the Senate Finance Committee and would require all properties that are used for short-term vacation rentals to be classified as commercial properties. Currently, short-term rentals operate almost exclusively within residential neighborhoods, making it difficult for them to pay comparable property taxes. Thankfully, Arizona lawmakers are taking notice and proposing legislation to clarify this situation.


In May 2016, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed Senate Bill 1350, a law that aims to protect residential property owners from short-term “vacation” rentals. The new law will have a significant impact on zoning ordinances and restrictions in Coconino, Yavapai, and Sedona counties. You’ll need to check with your local city or county government to make sure you’re not violating any of these restrictions.

Impact of Senate Bill 1350 on association

If you own a vacation rental property, you may be concerned about the impact of Senate Bill 1350 on your property. The bill allows local governments to regulate short-term rental activity, prohibiting it for certain purposes. It also allows cities and counties to impose certain regulations for public safety and health. In some cities, short-term rentals are illegal because they interfere with emergency services and law enforcement, which makes it important to know what the rules are in your area.

The new law has a direct impact on the owners of short-term rentals in Arizona. Originally, this law prevented cities from prohibiting them, but many homeowners have since taken advantage of it, creating a problem for them. In Sedona, this law has become a hot topic, and some county-level elected officials are trying to restore the rights of short-term vacation rental owners.