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Government is the people’s business and the public’s right to know the process of governmental decision-making is fundamental to our democracy. It is unreasonable to thwart that right by shrouding the process in secrecy or confidentiality. To assure that the people’s right to review the process of governmental decision-making is not thwarted, the legislature declares that all records created by or received by any state department, agency, bureau, division, council, office and public corporation the majority of whose members are appointed by the governor shall be open to inspection and copying in accordance with this article.

To protect the privacy of individuals, an agency may delete identifying details from copies of records made available under this article. An agency shall provide a notice to that effect to the persons affected. The committee on open government may promulgate guidelines regarding deletion of identifying details to prevent unwarranted invasions of personal privacy. The committee on open government shall report to the governor and legislature annually, on or before December fifteenth, concerning its activities and findings regarding articles six and seven of this chapter.

This bill would require City agencies to provide employees and job applicants with information about the availability of student loan forgiveness programs. DCWP would prepare the information and make it available to employers in the City, and to other City agencies for their use with their own employees and job applicants.

The bill would also require a license for third-party food delivery services in the City, and repeal a subchapter in the Administrative Code that contains existing laws regulating such services. It would also establish penalties for violations of the bill’s provisions. The bill is intended to implement the recently passed Local Laws 2311-A, 2333-A, and 2335-A.