The Daily News – A Must-Read for UPSC Aspirants

daily news

The Daily News, founded in 1919 as the Illustrated Daily News, is an American tabloid newspaper. At its peak in 1947, it was one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the United States. The newspaper was acquired in 2014 by Tronc, the largest American newspaper company, and is currently published in New York City.

The paper was one of the first to adopt the tabloid format and is noted for its aggressive reporting, especially on crime. In the late 20th century, the Daily News competed for circulation with its even more sensational rival tabloid sister, the New York Post, but it remained one of America’s top-selling newspapers, although its daily circulation had dropped significantly from its mid-20th-century high point.

In recent years, the Daily News has suffered from declining revenue and profitability as digital subscriptions have eroded print advertising revenue. Nevertheless, the newspaper remains a prominent source of local news and politics in New York City. In addition to its main news section, it also publishes a range of other sections and supplements, including classified ads, comics, sports coverage, and celebrity gossip.

A key strategy for UPSC aspirants is daily current affairs reading and newspaper analysis. However, navigating the many options available can be overwhelming, and aspirants often struggle to know what to read, where to find it, and how to best digest the information.

Rather than skimming headlines, it is essential to understand the context of each news item. This deep comprehension is an important skill that will help you score better in the UPSC exam, whether in the prelims or the mains. To maximize your efforts, we recommend following a program like our ‘Newspaper Analysis Batch’ led by Ankit Sir.

While the newspaper is primarily known for its strong local news coverage, it also maintains a national focus and regularly covers international stories. Its national coverage has received critical acclaim, with the editorial staff being credited for covering controversial issues such as President Trump’s travel ban.

In the city, the paper is renowned for its New York exclusives and its extensive coverage of local sports, including the Yankees, Mets, Giants, and Jets. It is the official newspaper of the New York City Police Department and has a long history of breaking important news stories.

In 2017 it was announced that News owner Moritz Zuckerman would sell the Daily News to Tronc, a media company based in Chicago. The sale is expected to close later this year. It will include the Daily News, as well as several other Tribune properties, including the Hartford Courant and Sun-Sentinel in South Florida. The deal will put the Daily News under one of the nation’s largest newspaper chains and will be subject to approval by local shareholders. The purchase price has not been disclosed. The paper’s name is not expected to change.