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Founded in 1919, The Daily News is an American tabloid newspaper based in New York City. In addition to news and sports, The Daily News covers celebrity gossip and opinion. In recent years, The Daily News has shown a moderate-to-liberal editorial stance. Its AllSides Media Bias Rating aligns with a left-wing agenda.

The New York Daily News is owned by the publishing company Tronc, a Chicago-based media company that is also the publisher of Metro, a newspaper distributed in more than 100 major cities around the world. In 2016, The Daily News had a circulation of more than 200,000. It is one of the oldest continuously published newspapers in the United States. Aside from its print edition, The Daily News offers an interactive version of its newspaper that is available on desktop and mobile devices. In addition, the Daily News also allows readers to share stories through email.

The Daily News has won 11 Pulitzer Prizes. The paper has been a staunchly Republican newspaper for five decades, though it has exhibited a moderate-to-liberal editorial viewpoint in the past few years. In the 1930s, the Daily News emphasized social intrigue and political wrongdoing. It supported isolationism in the early part of World War II. During the 1960s, the Daily News espoused conservative populism. The paper is based at 4 New York Plaza in Lower Manhattan.

In the 1940s and 1950s, the Daily News was known for its sensational crime coverage. It was a pioneer in using Associated Press wirephoto services, and it developed a large staff of photographers. It also had cartoons. It became known for its “New York’s Picture Newspaper” nickname. The Daily News reached peak circulation in 1947 with 2.4 million copies. In the next decade, it would reach an average of 2 million copies a day.

The Daily News has long been a staple of New York, with a mission to cover life in the five boroughs. While the paper has been criticized for being too liberal, it has also gained a reputation as a moderate-to-liberal alternative to the right-wing NY Post. In recent years, The Daily News has been characterized by the New York Times as being “high-minded,” “flexibly centrist,” and “populist” in its editorial stance. In addition to its print edition, The Daily News has a radio station, WPIX-FM, which is simulcast on an AM station and FM station. WPIX is now owned by CBS Radio.

The Daily News is committed to providing a voice to those who are left out. For example, The Daily News has given voice to those who are incarcerated. It has also given a voice to those who have been abused. It has given a voice to countless New Yorkers who are ill. In addition, The Daily News has worked to give comfort to those who are afflicted.

As a result of its storied history, The Daily News has provided its readers with an array of journalistic giants. From the first reporter to the editor-in-chief, The Daily News has been home to some of the most important journalists in the industry.