The Very Short Introduction to Law New

A new law is an official rule or regulation that governs behavior within a society or country. It is created when a legislative body—such as Congress—adopts and passes legislation. The term “law” also applies to other rules that are formally adopted and enforced by government agencies. In some countries, laws are referred to as statutes. A statute is a written law passed by a legislature and may be amended over time. It is sometimes referred to as the “law on the books.”

The Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments over a case that could significantly change abortion access, oversight of drug companies and the authority of federal agencies. Other issues rippling through American society include gender equality in the workplace, gun control and more. This edition of law new highlights the latest developments in these and other contested legal matters.

This clear, jargon-free Very Short Introduction cuts through the complexity of contemporary law and explains the main concepts, terms and processes in a way that is accessible to students without prior legal knowledge. It considers not only the Western legal tradition but other legal systems too, examining issues of international law and globalization as well as the continuing challenges to the modern concept of justice.

The fourth edition is extensively updated to incorporate key changes that have taken place since the third edition was published, including recent Supreme Court decisions, especially on abortion and freedom of religion, as well as current events such as racial disparities in the legal system, the Trump administration’s approach to immigration and judicial nominees. It presents streamlined versions of illustrative cases, summarizes leading doctrines, analyzes trends and raises questions for discussion and further research. It is ideal for those who want to understand the contemporary American legal system at more than a superficial level: non-lawyer graduates, students of American law outside the United States, LL.M. students, and American undergraduates taking a course in law as part of their pre-law program or studying areas impacted by America’s legal system. Also available with a companion website featuring student exercises and instructor resources.