What Is Entertaiment?


Entertainment is the act of making an audience laugh or feel good. It can include anything from a simple activity for two people to performances aimed at a large number of spectators or even global competitions. Entertaiment has also become a form of communication that crosses over many media and can be used to share ideas, images or themes.

The term is rooted in the Latin word for laughter, but it can be applied to a wide range of activities. It can be a means of amusement or enjoyment or, more importantly, it may be a means to gain insight or intellectual growth. Some of the activities that are considered entertainment in one culture may be detestable or illegal in another, and what is seen as entertainment for one group may be regarded as work or an act of cruelty by others.

The subject of an entertainment article needs to be researched thoroughly so that you can present accurate information. For example, if you are writing about a celebrity, research her biography and watch her talk shows to see if you can conduct a personal interview with her.