What is Law New?

Law new is legislation that has been proposed, debated and passed by Congress or another legislative body. The law is a set of official rules that governs behavior within a society or country. The law includes constitutional, statutory and regulatory laws. It also includes case law, which is decided by judges in court cases. The law of a country can be categorized by the level of government that makes it, such as federal, state and local laws. A law can be a statute, which is an official written law that a legislature creates, or a regulation, which is a law of a city or other local government.

New laws and rules are created by local, state and federal governments. In addition to federal law, the city of New York has its own laws and rules. These laws and rules can be found in the Laws of the City of New York and NYC Rules.

This bill would require City agencies to notify persons whose private identifying information has been accessed or disclosed in a data breach. The bill would align the City’s data breach notification requirements with requirements in the State’s SHIELD Act.

DCWP regularly updates its online resources and information as laws are passed, regulations are issued and Children’s Bureau policies are changed. This page is a resource for families, professionals and the public to get the latest information about new laws, regulations and Children’s Bureau policy.