Carl Gustaf Swedish king had removed grandchildren from his royal house

Carl Gustaf Swedish king had removed grandchildren from his royal house

The Sweden’s king Carl had removed his 5 grandchildren from their royal house. Carl XVI had made the decision that they will no longer will be having the title royal highness and will not be performing any royal duties officially. Though they will be members of the royal family they will just retain the titles of duchesses and dukes. This change hasn’t affected the kings two grandchildren who are actually in direct line to the throne. observers say that it shows that there is no necessity to pay for all the royal family members for their respective official duties. 

Which royal children are involved?

The decision which was announced and published by Royal court Sweden stated, it is in regard to the 3 children of Princess Madeleine and the 2 sons of Prince Carl Philip. Along with it, it says that the children of the royal family between the ages of 1 to 5 are not entitled in order to receive appanage which is the taxpayer fund which is actually provided to all the members of the royal house. This decision will not affect Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, the children of Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria. 

He said that the king had taken this decision on his own so as to deal with the issue and compare this move to the reports. He also analyzed the new role of 5 Swedish royals with that of Eugenie, Princesses Beatrice having actually pursued their careers on their own. 

What does this mean? 

Dick Harrison who is a Swedish historian said this decision was made in order to meet the modern requirements of the family, saying that the Royal house has not been the same as it was 100 years back and it has grown larger now and there is no need to have so many members with official duties and there was no need to pay them all. This will also help the Royal house youngsters to lead their life in an ordinary way as they need not worry about being fenced. Though they are part of royal club they can still lead a normal life. Children who are still having the titles as princes and princesses will retain their titles and they will be appearing for the social gatherings. The number of people in the royal roles and traditions might vary from one country to another.